Have you watched The Boys? The superhero show on Amazon Prime Video is a big hit. The second season became the first and only non-Netflix show to appear on Nielsen’s list of the top streaming shows. So a third outing for Billy Butcher and co is more than likely. The only question is, when will it arrive for us to binge watch? What is The Boys Season 3 release date?

the boys season 3 release date

What Is The Boys?

If you haven’t yet seen it, let’s have a quick run down of what The Boys is all about. The show is a take on what would happen if superheroes abused their powers. They have the fans, the influence, the power, but what if they use it for bad, not good? The show is fairly graphic, keeping adult themes from the comics it is based upon. Expect to see sex, violence and a few boundaries pushed along the way. The first two seasons are available to stream right now but what is The Boys season 3 release date?

The Boys Season 3 Release Date

The release date is yet to be confirmed. We’re told that filming for the new season will commence in early 2021. Of course, take that with a pinch of salt as the Covid 19 pandemic is putting a stop or delay to a lot of productions.

Until then, re-watch the first two seasons and find some other fantastic shows to binge watch. How does Cobra Kai take your fancy? Take some time to catch up with other TV shows.

the boys season 3 release date

Other Superhero Gossip

It’s been reported and confirmed on Twitter by the showrunner that a popular storyline from the comics will be explored in season 3. An episode of season 3 will be entitled Herogasm which will apparently not be safe for watching at viewing! Keep that one for when you get home!

Another bit of gossip to chew on whilst we wait for The Boys season 3 release date, is all about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor who plays Negan in The Walking Dead (and has starred in Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and films including Rampage and Watchmen) is apparently being lined up for a role in The Boys. Sounds good to us! The more JDM the better!

Finally, keep an eye online for updates about The Boys. No doubt Amazon Prime Video will want the next series on it’s streaming service as soon as possible.

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